Shoulder pain

The shoulder is one of the most commonly injured joints in the body. Many of us experience pain or tension in the shoulder regularly. Perhaps we’re stressed (and feel a build up of tension) or perhaps we just slept in an awkward position.

A lot of the time, shoulder pain is temporary and quickly subsides. However, pain in the shoulder can often be due to injury. These injuries can result from wear and tear or may have been due to direct trauma such as a dislocation or fracture during a recreational or occupational activity.

What causes shoulder pain?

Shoulder pain is often misdiagnosed due to the complexity of the shoulder joint and affects nearly one in four people during their lifetime.

Shoulder pain can develop due to a variety of causes such as:

How do we treat shoulder pain?

Like every client we see, we tailor our treatment for shoulder pain specifically to meet your individual needs. Through our thorough assessment we obtain a full overview of the issue and develop a plan based on your personal goals.

We often begin by modifying the activities and routines that aggravate your shoulder pain. That may involve changing your routines surrounding exercise, work or just everyday tasks. The purpose of this is to minimise the strain on your shoulder and essentially settle it down.

Once the pain has settled and is more manageable we then develop a plan (often exercises and treatment) to get you back to feeling and moving better...and most importantly, reduce the chances of this happening again.

If you have recently suffered a shoulder injury or are experiencing ongoing shoulder pain, please don’t hesitate to book a consultation with us at Motus Health. It’s never too late to take that first step!

Meet Jack Busch

Jack has refined a unique approach that combines traditional physiotherapy with exercise prescription and he ensures his clients, whether they are athletes or not, continue to perform at their highest level.

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