What to expect

The Initial Appointment

Our first visit involves understanding you and why you’ve come to see us. We go through a thorough clinical history together to understand exactly what is going on, what your goals are, and what we may need to do to achieve them.

Following this we then begin the physical assessment which may include movement analysis, joint range of movement, muscle length and muscle strength..just to name a few. The physical evaluation allows us to further explore what is going on and then prepares us to develop a treatment plan.

Depending on your symptoms we regularly provide treatment in the first session and also focus on what we call symptom modifiers. These are strategies, often including advice and/or exercises, we develop with you to take away and use to help better manage your symptoms in the early stages of rehab/recovery.

Physiotherapy Consultation Geelong - Motus Health Group

The Second Appointment

This is where we review the treatment provided in the first session and your success with the symptom modifiers or any exercises we may have provided at the initial appointment. The second visit allows us to greatly expand on our assessment if needed and progress our treatment plan based on the information from our first visit.

Here we aim to educate you further on what is going on with your body and, most importantly, what can be done to help and what treatment options you have. We are trained in various treatment techniques and will approach your problem in a way that is unique to you both incorporating your goals and our assessment findings. Treatment techniques commonly used by our team include:

Physiotherapy Treatment Geelong - Motus Health Group

Ongoing Appointments

Now that we understand your case, each visit from here we will continue to assess and work with you as your symptoms unfold. Progressions in exercise/rehab and hands on treatment will be combined as we work towards a pain free lifestyle.

If you ever have any questions or concerns during your care the whole team at Motus Health Group are here to help.

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We are here to help you move well and feel better!

Our team is here to help you back to your best quickly. Contact us today.

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