Strength and Conditioning

Strength training is crucial for success in any sport. Developing strength, speed and power and alongside your sport-specific skills maximizes your athletic potential. As we are located within Strong Geelong, we are able to provide a unique clinic environment that includes private consulting rooms within one of the best strength training facilities in Victoria.

Our service is designed for anyone looking to take their exercise further. Whether you have just completed an exercise rehab program following an injury and would like to continue progressing or you’re just sick of the same monotonous gym program and want to make it goal specific and most importantly achieve it - you’ve come to the right place!

Like all services at Motus, an initial assessment is required which allows us to conduct a thorough assessment and gather information including your goals.

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Strength and Conditioning Geelong - Motus Health Group

At Motus, our experienced team is here to help you get back to moving and feeling your best.

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