Sporting Injury Rehabilitation

Sporting injuries differ from general injuries sustained through our day to day life and are one of the most common things we see at Motus Health. We understand that being unable to participate in the sport you love has a huge influence on how you feel and, in some cases, may even impact your professional livelihood.

One of the largest risk factors for injury is previous injury. This reinforces the importance of receiving the right rehabilitation at the right time. Sporting injuries commonly occur from variables within your control and there are several signs that may suggest you’re heading towards an injury.

Common causes of sporting injury include:

Failing to address the issues above often leads to injuries such as:

How do we treat sporting injuries?

Sporting injuries require a little more understanding when compared with general injuries as returning an athlete to their sport can be a complex task. Motus Health takes all contributing factors into account when developing the best program to get you back on track while ensuring that you do so in a timely and efficient manner.

If you have recently suffered a sporting injury, please don’t hesitate to book a consultation with us at Motus Health. Our methods work just as well for the weekend warrior as they do for the elite athlete.

Meet Jack Busch

Jack has refined a unique approach that combines traditional physiotherapy with exercise prescription and he ensures his clients, whether they are athletes or not, continue to perform at their highest level.

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