Osteopathy is a manual form of primary health care which concentrates on the diagnosis and treatment of musculoskeletal injuries, post-operative care and pain related conditions. Practitioners provide hands-on treatment, including joint or soft tissue manipulation, dry needling and exercise rehabilitation, as well as advising on self-management strategies.

Common conditions treated:

What to expect

During an initial osteopathic consultation, a thorough case history is taken allowing the osteopath to gain insight into your condition, individual goals and how to achieve them through a tailored management plan. The case history will assist the clinician in forming a diagnosis further guiding their clinical examination. After the examination your clinician will explain the detailed findings as well as discussing the best possible course of action.

Treatment may include:

Like all services at Motus, an initial assessment is required which allows us to conduct a thorough assessment and gather information including your goals.

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