Remedial / Sports Massage

Massage is a fantastic treatment option that can be as great for the mind as it is for the body. Our massage services encompass a variety of manual therapy techniques that aim to ease your pain, improve movement and aid the recovery process.

At Motus, we understand the demands of an active lifestyle. We provide services to support the needs and complaints of a large variety of clientele from powerlifting, strongman, CrossFit, volleyball, AFL football and the general fitness community.

In addition to the needs of the sporting community we also understand that the general demands of work and life can often be enough for the body to require some attention. Each massage treatment is uniquely tailored to your needs, whether that’s providing relief after a tense week at work/training, or working alongside our physio to speed up your post-injury recovery.

Massage can be a wonderfully effective treatment option for a broad range of conditions including, but not limited to:

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…and many more.

The many benefits of massage include:

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At Motus, our experienced team is here to help you get back to moving and feeling your best.

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